Stimulating & Unique Sessions

Our Sessions Encourage Children's Confidence, Develop Good Communication Skills & Raise Self-Esteem

Our Supportive Classes

We use speech training, movement skills and improvisation to help children socialise, make new friends, feel confident and overcome shyness. These important life skills can be learned and practised through drama.
Children of all abilities, personalities and levels of interest are given the opportunity to explore and progress at their own rate with Helen O’Grady York and North Yorkshire. We run classes for children from age 5 onwards with Youth Theatre classes for children at secondary school.

The fully supportive and friendly environment means that all our children feel comfortable and enjoy our classes.

Self Development

Our aim is for all children, whatever their abilities or personality, to grow into positive, outgoing and resilient people while respecting and valuing each other and the world around them.
We are not a stage school, but a unique, energetic and carefully designed academy promoting self-development and self-expression through group-based activities. Working in groups also teaches children how to co-operate with others, contribute ideas, compromise and reach agreement.
Mime and Movement allows children to discover non-verbal expression skills. They learn how facial expressions and body language can enhance speech and how what they say and how they say it can affect the listener.

Improvisation in our sessions allows children to try out different responses to given scenarios. By channelling their energies in this drama setting, we are able to stimulate their imaginations, encourage creativity and teach awareness of others.

Group of children acting
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Aimed at Children Aged 5 - 18
Our classes are perfect for children of all ages with different levels of skills and abilities.

By Caryn Walton-Binns 19 Jan, 2018
Rushed off my feet today so dashing this off in 2 seconds before setting off to teach my fabulous Driffield classes. Been speaking to and emailing so many lovely students' and potential students' parents today - makes my day special communicating with people.
By Caryn Walton-Binns 18 Jan, 2018
Let me share with you the funny thing which happened yesterday. I arrived to teach my Heslington class to discover the floor covered (and I mean covered - you could barely see it) with flat pack kitchen cabinets in various states of assembly - and 2 workmen, music blaring out, putting them together. Dramatically (how else?) I gasped... but I have a class in here in 15 minutes! The lovely men, who had no idea I was due, quickly moved the lot! I didn't believe it could be done, but by the time my students started arriving the room was almost clear and we sat up the far end to do the register whilst the rest was cleared. Makes a good story and shows that even after 10 years in the job there are still some things which can take me by surprise!
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First Class Comes FREE

At Helen O’Grady York, we are passionate about nurturing and developing these important life skills in children of all ages and abilities through our lively and engaging sessions designed to stimulate the imagination.

 Our drama classes for children cover the areas of York (Earswick, Foxwood, Heslington and Clifton Moor), Selby, Garforth, Tadcaster, Harrogate, Thirsk, Pickering and Driffield.

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To find out more about our drama classes for children, get in touch with us and we would be delighted to help.

The first session comes free to see if your boy or girl enjoys the class, so come on down to learn acting from the best teachers around.
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Our classes are perfect for children of all ages with different levels of skills and abilities.

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